Dakota Fanning’s Sunglasses Style…Ray-Ban Clubmasters…

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Check it out…the popularity of Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster sunglasses is ever growing amongst the young stars and starlets of the celebrity world.

We suggested you watch this space for the emergence of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, and it’s happening.  The latest starlet to sport the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is Dakota Fanning.

Dakota Fanning is the star of two of the films of the moment, although they perhaps couldn’t be any more different.  She is starring in Twilight and The Runaways, both with another girl of the moment Kristen Stewart.

Dakota Fanning looks great in her Ray-Ban Clubmasters and we have spotted her on a number of occasions picking up scripts and checking in at LAX with her deliciously retro sunnies on.  The Ray-Ban Clubmasters suit Dakota’s laid back LA style perfectly and add the ultimate retro edge to every one of her outfits.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are available from WantSunglasses.co.uk for only £86.40 so there is no need to miss out on the biggest trend of the moment!



WS x


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