Chilean Miners given a helping hand by Oakley Sunglasses…

October 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

It is a headline that has captured the world, the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days have finally been rescued thanks to a mammoth operation by the Chilean authorities.

Chile’s President has praised the rescue efforts and has declared that his country will never be the same again after this extraordinary event.  President Sebastian Pinera has said that he feels Chile is now “more united and stronger than ever” and “more valued” worldwide.

This can’t be doubted after seeing the ecstatic scenes of the final miner to be rescued, Luis Urzua, emerging into the light and out of the rescue shaft capping off a 22 hour operation.

While they are showing signs of ill heath, not one of the miners is in a serious condition which is amazing seeing as no one has ever survived as long trapped underground.

One of the aspects of the rescue that was vital to their health was the donation of Oakley sunglasses to protect their eyes upon emerging into the light.  Oakley were approached about donating sunglasses and were only too honored to be able to assist in any way that they could.  Oakley provided 35 pairs of Oakley Radar sunglasses that are designed to minimise heavy glare.

The single lens shield is a wraparound style that uses the darkest lens with a grey base and black iridium coating which would serve to help the miners’ eyes adjust to bright light after being dilated so long.  The Oakley Radar sunglasses are typically used for high performance sports and feature an exterior hydrophobic coating that would have prevented water, mud, oil and dust from building up on the surface as the miners were hoisted to freedom.

There is concern for the miners’ sight and the possibility of damage to the retina.  After being in the dark for a long period, the mechanisms by which the retina protects itself from damage from bright light can diminish.

Lets hope that the Oakley Radar Sunglasses were of some help to the miners’ sight, only time will tell.

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